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Rutherford County

             You have successfully located the 9/12 Project of Rutherford County, Tennessee. We are a grassroots group of American citizens, who are actively working together to restore a constitutionally-based form of government. How are we doing this? By energetic participation in all levels of the political process----local, state, and national. Obviously, our most immediate impact is made on the local level.   

              Everyone can plainly see what happens, when millions of Americans become disengaged from the responsibilities that accompany freedom, liberty, and self-governance. What will we do about it? We will educate ourselves, through any and all means. We will educate those around us. We will fill-up local school board meetings, and prevent damaging policies from reaching children. We will pack the seats at our city council meetings, and make our voices heard. We will offer solutions to the challenges that our government faces. Some of us will even run for public office.        

              The most important thing is that we work together. This is when extraordinary events occur. We would like for you to take a look at the "9 Principles and 12 Values" of our group. If you agree with at least 7 of the Principles and 10 of the Values, we invite you to join with us, and work alongside us in this endeavor.     

              We face challenging times in this great nation. Men and women will emerge as courageous leaders. Will you be among them?                 

Leader, Katherine G. Hudgins    

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