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Mission Statement

The mission and purpose of the 9-12 Project Tennessee is to advocate for a return of the same principles, foundation, and faith that was present when the Founders realized that they could no longer negotiate with King George and his Parliament. Guided by John Locke, Montesque, Moses and other brilliant men, our Founders recognized the duty of government is to address all men equally; for the rights of man are not granted by government but by nature and by nature's God. Our name carries with it the idea that our intent as a group and as individuals is to everywhere promote the nine principles and twelve values.

The 9 Principles

1.  America is good
2.  I believe in God and He is the center of my life.
3.  I must always try to be a more honest person than I was yesterday
4.  The family is sacred.  My spouse and I are the ultimate authority, not the government.
5.  If you break the law you pay the penalty.  Justice is blind and no one is above it.
6.  I have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, but there is no guarantee of equal results.
7.  I work hard for what I have and I will share it with who I want to.  Government cannot force me to be charitable.
8.  It is not un-American for me to disagree with authority or to share my personal opinion.
9.  The government works for me.  I do not answer to them, they answer to me.

The 12 Values

 1.  Honesty
 2.  Reverence
 3.  Hope
 4.  Thrift
 5.  Humility
 6.  Charity
 7.  Sincerity
 8.  Moderation
 9.  Hard Work
10.  Courage
11.  Personal Responsibility
12.  Friendship


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